Curriculum Corner

By Ed Lowery
Director of Training Operations at Tennessee Valley Training Center

The ARSC Curriculum Committee has been hard at work on the latest revision of the BOP. Due to the workload, the committee has been meeting monthly since June 2021. There were approximately 326 suggested changes submitted for review by the committee, the review was completed in September 2021. Key updates include:

  • Introductory video removed (Elmer)
  • Seven key elements of safety and health slides (wheel of fortune slides) reformatted in module 1
  • Energy sources transition/look reformatted in LOTO module
  • Module 13 JSA updated
  • Respiratory protection module reorganized for better content flow, added an animated explanatory video (also used in the recently revised ARSC Respiratory Protection training)
  • Hearing conservation module reorganized for improved content flow. Some graphics revised
  • HazCom module now contains the Chemical Safety Board H2S video in place of OSHA Phosgene 
  • Exam question to be rewritten by trained ARSC Curriculum Committee members and validated by Professional Testing Inc. This will require all councils to participate in the data collection process.
  • Various learning objectives and review points edited for accuracy