Answering Some of the Frequently Asked Questions About ARSC Programs

By Trevonna Hayle
Administrator, Association of Reciprocal Safety Councils

It is important that you know we are here to answer all questions you may have at any time about ARSC programs. Here are answers to your most frequently asked questions.

Q. Is there a way to take Basic Orientation Plus online?
A. No. All ARSC training programs, including Basic Orientation Plus and Basic Orientation Plus Refresher, must be taken in person at a safety council. 

Q. Do you have an option to take Basic Orientation Plus in Spanish?
A. While ARSC does offer Basic Orientation Plus and Basic Orientation Plus Refresher to our members in Spanish, the course is not delivered at all locations. You should check your local safety council to learn if this program is available at their location.

Q. We have a number of employees that need to have the Basic Plus Refresher and I was wondering if you had trainers who could come to our office and deliver the training at our facility, instead of our employees all having to travel to a safety council? Is this possible?
A. Yes. There are many safety council locations who offer suitcase training, traveling to a company’s location to train multiple trainees. To learn the closest safety council to you who can offer this service, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your company name, location, number of employees needing training, name of training program needed, and a range of dates that you are open to the training taking place.

Q. My badge for Basic Orientation Plus will expire soon and my local safety council is closed due to the pandemic. Do you have any options for me to renew or extend my training expiration?
A. While we do understand that it may be difficult for many to obtain the training necessary at this time, ARSC training programs can only be taken in person at a safety council. Ultimately, it is the decision of the company you are working for to allow contractors to work with a badge that has expired and cannot be renewed because of this pandemic. You may be able to find an alternative safety council to take your training with by visiting the locations page of our website.

Q. Where can I find training locations for Basic Orientation Plus?
A. You can view a listing of the safety councils that deliver ARSC training programs by visiting the locations page of our website or viewing the map on our website to search for locations by zip code.

Q. What is the duration of the Basic Orientation Plus course?
A. While the length of the course can vary from location to location, the average length of the course is 6 hours (including testing time).

Q. If I leave my current employer and I join a new company and my Basic Orientation Plus training is current, do I have to take the Basic Orientation Plus Refresher under my new employer?
A. As long as your training was taken within the past year, it would be considered current and reciprocal. If you will be working in a different city/state, your new employer may require you to get an ARSC badge from a local safety council. In that case, you should visit that safety council with proof of identity and your current badge so that they may issue a local badge to you. Ultimately, you would not be required to take the course again if your badge has not expired.

Feel free to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 832-649-3469 for additional questions regarding ARSC or our training programs.