The ARSC Reciprocal ProtectWatch Course

By David Womack, Ph.D.
Safety and Health Manager, HSEQ & ARSC Owners Advisory Committee Chair

In 2015 the ARSC Owners Advisory Committee (OAC) requested that ARSC develop a new course to train Confined Space Attendants, Fire Watches and Supplied Air Attendants. The goal was to have a standardized course that the owners knew met their requirements. Owners would no longer need to audit their contractors’ or third-party providers’ training programs to ensure these critical positions are adequately trained. The ARSC Curriculum Committee took a course that was developed by an ARSC member and modified it for their use. It was implemented in August of 2017.  The course was not widely used because it did not meet the owners’ needs.

In 2018 The Curriculum Committee met with owners to rewrite the learning objectives for the course. The course was completely rewritten and reviewed with the owners again in 2019. It will be made available to your local ARSC member safety council during the 3rd quarter of 2020.

It is an instructor lead course that is taught in approximately 6 hours. There are scenario-based activities in each module to keep the students engaged. There is a test to verify understanding that each student must pass at 70% or better. The certification is valid for one year. Owners can verify that contractor’s employees are in compliance by checking their safety council card.

Owners are encouraged to review the course and consider making it a mandatory requirement for Confined Space Attendants, Fire Watches and Supplied Air Attendants in their facilities. Like all other ARSC courses, we ask you to please give feedback to your safety council on the new ProtectWatch course.

To learn more about the ARSC ProtectWatch course please contact David Womack at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..